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Corporate advice for establishing and implementing a creative and cultural strategy in the cruise, mega yacht, hotel, and real estate industries



Working with the global creative industry

We wish to create projects inspired by objectives which are similar to those expressed by the European Commission through calls for proposals in the EU programs “Creative Europe” and “Horizon”; some of those objectives are the following: “we aim to contribute in strengthening the transnational creation and circulation of creations and creators, enhance the capacity of the cultural and creative sectors to nurture talents, to innovate, to prosper and to generate jobs and growth. We also wish to increase cultural access to and participation in culture as well as audience engagement and development both physically and digitally”.

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EURAN works mainly with the cruise and has a strong interest and experience in the mega yacht, hotel and real estate industries

Based on our long-term experience with the cruise industry and our strong interest and experience in the mega yacht, hotel and real estate industries, we wish to establish a wide cooperation with your company in all matters related to culture and creativity, including in particular Art, Architecture, and Design, as well as related marketing, in a series of interdependent projects.

Our considerations are valid for your company’s current and future projects. A long term strategy in the questions treated here is the best guarantee of success for the company’s brand.

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The EURAN main current projects for all industries

We work currently in all the economy sectors in line with our two main projects the “EURAN Industries” and the “EURAN Virtual Cruises”. For details about them you are welcome to read about on our website.

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Strategy definition

We can assist you with the expertise, knowledge, experience and talent of our teams and partners, in both the various theoretical (strategy definition) and technical matters (acquisition, creation, production) during the construction as well as the commercial operation of the vessel(s), following your respective needs and a long term strategy to be defined accordingly. We can indeed contribute at the definition and the application of such a strategy, a coherent, long term, global company policy in all questions related to culture and creativity.

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Application of the strategy at the construction of the cruise ships / mega yachts  / hotels / buildings

Art, Architecture and Design considered as one, the Bauhaus concept 

At our opinion, Art, Architecture and Design should be considered and conceived together, following principles established by the Bauhaus. 

In consequence, the operations related to the three disciplines should, all of them, be initiated at the start of the project(s).

In particular for projects that might result in the presentation in the project(s) of items not only in physical but also in digital form, technical plan modifications might be necessary which can take place only at a very early stage.  


Art, Architecture and Design considered as part of the company’s brand

We can contribute at the definition of the aesthetic character of the company’s cruise ships / mega yachts  / hotels / buildings created by their Art, Architecture and Design. As this character will interact with your clients in particular and the society in general, it should be conceived in harmony to the company’s brand, values and long term marketing policy.


A few considerations concerning the art in the projects: new ways for art, unlimited artists, themes

We can initiate together projects leading to the development of new types of artistic intervention and / or art presentation in an environment of cruise ship / mega yacht / hotel / building.

The digital presentation gives us the ability to present, with the help of the necessary technologies and equipment, an unlimited number of creators, depending on the scenario(s) that we will adopt and develop together. 

In case several projects are planned in the future, we can imagine a series of themes for each of them, as well as themes for each part of each projects.

As a result of creating a number of themes, we have the option of selecting creative groups, or even individuals, to provide their creative stamp on certain parts or the entire cruise vessel, mega yacht, hotel, or building.  

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Application of the strategy at the commercial operation of the cruise ships / mega yachts  / hotels / buildings

Talk about the projects and sell: in the media, in exhibitions, merchandising to be sold in physical and electronic shops

Dissemination is when information is spread or broadcasted to a large audience or public. We recommend the work done following the above presented ideas be communicated to the public, including the company's customers and the wider society, on board and ashore, in two forms: noncommercial (exhibitions in galleries or museums) and commercial (sales in physical and electronic stores).

In this process, Art, Architecture and Design related merchandise could be produced and sold.

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Cultural activities

The dissemination process outlined above can be integrated into a company's regular commercial operations, as well as multiple cultural and creative events that take place on board / on site, once the construction is finished.

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Our networks

Our networks of partners and contacts are constituted from:

The about 300 creators (mainly visual artists and a few architects and designers) that we present on the internet since the nineties. 

The more than 400 personalities from the creative sector, business in general (in particular from the cruise, yacht, hotel and the real estate industries), from European and other international administration and the media that are part of our LinkedIn network of connections. 

The about 400 friends including many visual partner artists, art galleries and consultants and other creative individuals, that are part of our Facebook network. 

Our carefully selected, distinguished and reputable international suppliers who collaborate with us on our projects.

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Working teams

Highly skilled professionals from different fields and countries are included in our teams for the realization of our projects, selected for their expertise. 

We would be pleased to work closely with your company's personnel, as well as the architects, designers, engineers, art agents, dealers, and other consultants who are at your disposal.



Blockchain technology, NFTs and Metaverse

There are very interesting developments, as you probably know, happening in particular during the last two years in the field of the blockchain technology and we would be happy to investigate together with your company the possibilities of being active in that field.

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We look forward to talking with you soon and starting an exciting, fruitful and long-term relationship!

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards.

7. Architecture Consulting

Find the architects to be used in the project

10. Sales

Sales of art and design by EURAN to our client

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11. Sales

Find the artists to be used in the project

9. Creation

Creation of art and design

12. Technical Consulting

Definition of the technical details concerning the production of art and design

13. Technical Consulting

(Industrial) Coordination and supervision of the production of art and design

16. Technical Consulting

Control of the installation on board when completed

14. Sales

Industrial production of art and design with partner companies

17. Marketing Consulting

Definition of the dissemination process

15. Technical Consulting

Supervision of the Installation on board

18. Marketing Consulting

Merchandising definition

19. Commercial 

Find the architects to be used in the project

20. Sales

Sales of EURAN's art and design to the public

21. Management Consulting

Concluding analysis and comments