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Photographer Marino Motti

Based in Italy


Born in 1966, owner of Imagemotti Sas since 2016 and even before of Martino Motti Fotografia since 1992. In my professional life I have been working in different photographic branches, from reportage photography to underwater photography, from still life to industrial photography, from commercial to furniture and architecture and finally, for about 20 years, I have dedicated myself exclusively to nautical photography on yachts and superyachts. It is passion that guides my choices in life, and this specialization is no exception: boats and the sea have always been the driver that pushes me to live in an environment that I love and respect. Having worked in such different fields has allowed me to accumulate experiences and techniques that I use today, mixing them, if necessary, to obtain the best results. The necessity to photograph a boat or a yacht basically arises from three needs: the sale of the new, the sale of used boats and the charter. The photo shoots, although similar, differ in style and substance by communicating different characteristics: The photo shooting for the sale of the new boats needs to emphasize the architecture, style, materials, technique and performance. The photo shooting for the sale of used boats items emphasizes the merits, the style, the line and the aesthetics, the quality of the materials, the state of affairs, the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic systems, trying not to highlight any deterioration too much, if there are any. The photo shooting for charter, on the other hand, tends to communicate the beauty and comfort of the boat, the safety on board, the machinery, the electrical and plumbing systems, the kitchen, the crew, the optionals, the toys and the pleasure of life on board, trying to create images WOW effect, perhaps at dawn or dusk, with the aim of suggesting and attracting potential guests. In conclusion, every situation implies taking advantage of all possible opportunities to create beauty and scenery. After 20 years of work as a boat photographer I am used to acting without assistants, to offer maximum flexibility and above all total discretion on board: I have often found myself working on very large yachts, over 80 meters, with owners on board, who hardly noticed my presence. I am also a certified drone pilot so that I am autonomous and do not need other people. Over the years I have combined photography with other services such as video shooting and 360 ° virtual tours, extremely powerful tools for best illustrating boats. Since 1997 I have also been a freelance journalist, I have been writing about boating since 2002 and texting boats for the most important magazines in the sector: I know what I photograph and that is why I know what I do. In conclusion, I can say that being a photographer of boats, yachts and sailboats is a particular job that can only be done best by those who are used to being on board and sailing. In fact, I am the owner of a sailboat and the sea is my life.

Digital Works By Martino Motti

Since 2010, Martino Motti has been involved with art as a graphic representation: his career starts from the exploration of the sea depth of the world's most remote oceans and from the contact with the creatures that live there. In the silence and solitude of that muffled world he finds the ancestral union between man's inadequacy and the perfection of nature, the most secret unconscious resurfaces and takes light, through the liquid element, to become an image, a symbol of inner peace. The result that he pursues, respecting the shapes and colors of real living beings and natural events, reworks that uniqueness, in an attempt to block its essence in a positive and vital vision.