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EURAN Partner
Architect Vittorio de Jorio


Based in Italy.


Studied at the University of Rome La Sapienza and graduated with a Thesis in Architectural



Registered since the eighties with the Italian Professional Association of Architects. 

Volunteering- Organizations

Has been member of the Board of Directors at the “advanced Commercial Services” of the Industrial Association of the Province of Genoa, where he worked as Delegate to the Small Industry and the General Assembly in the nineties for several years. 


Mr de Jorio, after building a significant experience in the field of the Civil Architecture and consulting in various business areas, professional activity that he performs, since the early 80ies, has been associated with interior design firms operating mainly in the naval industry which signed more than 250 projects.

They have been an international leading and prominent design brands dealing mainly with Interior design and styling of Cruise Ships, Ro-Ro, HSSS, Cruise Ferries, Navy and Yachting. They have been also active in the field of Civil Private and Public Architecture.


The companies have been renowned for being a leader in their field and especially for introducing new ideas, attitudes, approach and concepts applied to all the projects signed.


Throughout the years he played a key role in their management giving his distinctive creative and professional touch in all the projects in which they have been involved.

After cooperating with EURAN European Art Networks on numerous projects (a Cruise Ferry, a long series of Cruise Ships, a Mega yacht) from within the firms he was working with, he became a partner of EURAN as a freelance consultant in July 2022.


He has constantly been given particular attention and care to the interpretation of the spirit of the time and the philosophy of Design always catching the zeitgeist.

His professional approach to projects is highly praised in the international shipping scene and greatly appreciated for the high quality and creativity of the final product realized.

He has built, over the years of his experience in the Civil Architecture, Passenger Ship Class Interiors Design and Yachting fields, the ability of rendering top skill in: 

Providing an outstanding design standards, coordination, supervision and management consulting. 

Setting up top experts teams putting in condition the builders to identifying the right approach in facing the interior design engineering.

Building through the harmonization of the relationships between the design target and technical impacts, structure, plants systems that affect the project 

Carrying out management through the identification of targeted work phases within and assisting all teams operating until works completion ensuring a high quality consulting and technical assistance performances. 

Providing a highly flexible service and technical assistance that permits to process different scenarios on the task required giving high professional efficiency aimed to achieved the industrial target. 

Developing the research and selection of Art themes to be considered as integrated part of the design emphasizing the philosophy of the project.  

As a member of the team of EURAN European Art Networks, Mr de Jorio is committed to tackling present and future challenges that the company is currently facing or will be facing in the future in the fields of art, architecture and design.



The architect actively participates at EURAN’s projects as follows:

Before the start of the project

1. Negotiation with customers

2. Definition of our detailed proposal to the customers


3. Selection of the best and most convenient for our divers projects of the creative professionals working for our projects.

4. At the project's start, participation at our technical discussions with the selected for the projects cruise, yacht and building architects for the establishment of our projects.

5. Estimate budget concerning our proposals


6. Search and propose materials and factories to supply the project

7. Search of industrials to realize our design proposals

8. Communication, meetings, negotiation with suppliers for our projects

9. Handling of relations with the architects of our projects and work on the coordination among them, and between them and the artists and designers taking part in our projects.

10. Supervision and technical control of the realization of our projects


After delivery of all the components of the project

11. Verification and control of all the technical aspects related to our participation at the project


At the end of the project

12. Complete report of the project to the customers


Languages spoken: Italian, English and French

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