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Welcome to EURAN's affiliate marketing program, the EURAN Associates Network.

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What EURAN stands for:

“…enforce our networking, notably with other similar projects, actions and initiatives…Exploit the potential for further economic growth and employment in the cultural and creative industries…Support creators and other cultural professionals and build adequate responses to the needs and challenges to support the internationalization of their careers, which could include new models of creation, showcasing and exhibition, export strategy and distribution, and mobility and exchange…”

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Introducing: EURAN Associates

EURAN’s affiliate marketing program

Our company vision for December 2022 and beyond is to substantially grow and develop our partner and customer networks. This challenge is open to professionals working in or with art, architecture and design, collectors, and persons who just love and appreciate them.


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Friday, December 9, 2022

Good morning!

Please be informed that we have just created a system of retribution of affiliates who bring us income in the form of third party sales of artwork, design products and services. Feel free to subscribe to it if you are interested or contact us if you need more details. We believe that the numerous connections we all have today, both directly from our family and work and through social media, offer a great business opportunity that we can use for common benefit. For your information, you can read the following on our websites:



About the “EURAN associates network”:



Alexandre Mimoglou creations, art related design products for the home or the office:

Alexandre Mimoglou creations, art related fashion design products:

Selection of existing design products:



Consulting services for art and design in interiors projects:

Meetings (physical and virtual) with artists:



Meeting costs (if they are not free) will be deducted from the cost of purchases that may take place during the meeting, if artworks, designs or other services are sold at the meeting.



After applying any discounts offered by our company, affiliate network members will receive a commission on the sale amount exclusive of VAT. Additionally, they will be able to offer themselves a discount to customers they refer.



Please note that we have extended until Sunday 11th December, a Cyber ​​Week 2022 campaign: we are already offering a discount on all the above artworks, products and services. Other promotions will follow in the coming weeks.

We inform the people and companies with whom we are in contact about these promotions. This update also extends to social media.

There is also the possibility, in this update, after our agreement, to present your creations or products and services. You, in turn, can forward this update to your own contacts and social media pages, so that you and all participants in our networks benefit.

We remain at your disposal. Thanks for your time.

Have a nice weekend!

Yours sincerely.

Alexandre Mimoglou


Architect, Visual Artist, Designer, Chairman and Owner of the Swedish company EURAN European Art Networks AB. Websites:

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