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Art consulting projects for the cruise industry by EURAN, since 2001

Art, Architecture, Design Projects

In cooperation with its partners artists, architects and designers, EURAN proposes its creative services worldwide for projects related to the interior design of cruise ships, super yachts, hotels, aircraft, office buildings, hospitals and private homes. In the shipping industry, we worked with one project for a cruise-ferry of Minoan Lines where we commissioned original artworks, paintings, to different artists, ten projects for new built vessels of the cruise company MSC Cruises, where we produced more than 22000 framed reproductions of artworks, to decorate the cruises ships’ passenger cabins. We also commissioned artworks for the Children’s’ room in MSC Lirica, and provided framed posters for all the vessels’ crew areas. Recently we decorated the new cabins and replaced all the public areas’ artworks with our art reproductions, on board two refitted vessels of MSC Cruises and we produced the art reproductions that decorate the passenger cabins, corridors and stairs of the MSC Meraviglia.


We present here below links to the pages of our client where you can see the art reproductions that we produced for the fleet of cruise vessels until 2019.


1. MSC Lirica *

2. MSC Opera *

3. MSC Musica *

4. MSC Orchestra **

5. MSC Poesia **

6. MSC Magnifica **

7. MSC Fantasia **

8. MSC Splendida **

9. MSC Divina **

10. MSC Preziosa **

11. MSC Meraviglia **

12. MSC Seaside **

13. MSC Seaview ***

14. MSC Bellissima **

15. MSC Grandiosa ***

16. Refitting MSC Lirica ****

17. Refitting MSC Opera ****

18. Refitting MSC Armonia ****

19. Refitting MSC Sinfonia ****

* Art for the hotel and crew areas proposed by EURAN

** Art for the hotel and crew areas proposed by our client, production and control by EURAN

*** Art for the hotel and crew areas and production by our client, control of the installation by EURAN


**** Art for the public areas proposed by our client, production and control by EURAN, plus artistic intervention by EURAN in the restaurants. 

For the MSC Meraviglia, EURAN took care also of the vessel's lobbies and stairs.

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