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Since 2010, Martino Motti has been involved with art as a graphic representation: his career starts from the exploration of the sea depth of the world's most remote oceans and from the contact with the creatures that live there. In the silence and solitude of that muffled world he finds the ancestral union between man's inadequacy and the perfection of nature, the most secret unconscious resurfaces and takes light, through the liquid element, to become an image, a symbol of inner peace. The result that he pursues, respecting the shapes and colors of real living beings and natural events, reworks that uniqueness, in an attempt to block its essence in a positive and vital vision.

Deep blue & wild are my vital force...

Why: from the Rolleiflex bi-optic in 1975 to today's digital cameras, above and under water: it is not just the technology that has made me a photographer but my passion for open spaces, the sea and sailing, the magic of travel, the curiosity for the new and the determination to achieve the result. 
I love photography to tell stories of yachts, sea, nature and tradition: the fate wanted me to be "Yacht Photographer" and "Digital Artist".
Vision: I have a dream! To become a global point of reference in the iconographic production in the yachting world through the development of close interpersonal relationships as a "Latin" basis of trade relations and a constant technological and artistic growth.
Mission: using modernity with its best photographic and computer technologies and a staff of people with competence in the image field (video, graphic and web) I would like to meet with speed and excellence the needs of ship owners, shipyards, brokers and collectors.   
Value: Martino Motti bases its work on his commitment, enthusiasm, passion, fair play and his natural predisposition to discretion. The focus on the customers and their needs, the pursuit of excellence, the emphasis of the beauty and the spirit of innovation are the basis of his work. Over 30 years of professional photographic experience in various areas resulting in a rich and eclectic photographic "culture": a value to invest in with confidence.

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