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EURAN Objectives 

We wish to create projects inspired by objectives which are similar to those expressed by the European Commission through calls for proposals in the EU programs “Creative Europe” and “Horizon”; some of those objectives are the following:

"Enforce our networking, notably with other similar projects, actions and initiatives.
Exploit the potential for further economic growth and employment in the cultural and creative industries.
Make proposals for further strengthening the competitiveness and drawing benefit from the innovation potential of the sector of the cultural and creative industries in the international markets.
Support creators and other cultural professionals and build adequate responses to the needs and challenges to support the internationalization of their careers, which could include new models of creation, showcasing and exhibition, export strategy and distribution, and mobility and exchange.
Show the role that can be played by the cultural and creative industries as drivers of innovation in other economic sectors such as industry and services.
Analyze and work on creating direct and indirect effects on the economy by the cultural and creative industries, economic spill-over effects on other sectors.
Build the capacity within the cultural and creative sectors to be active at the international level.
Co-production is also a tool to stimulate creativity, share resources and facilitate the transnational distribution of content and the circulation of creators.
Help creators to reach a new and diverse audience and develop their careers by giving more visibility to their talent and work outside their borders.
Promote, celebrate and boost the diversity of the international repertoire by developing a common programming of non-national creators and ensuring their presence at major events, festivals, fairs and markets.
Increase cultural access to and participation in culture, as well as audience engagement and development, both physically and digitally.
Promote and encourage the digital shift to adapt to the substantial changes in how cultural goods are created, managed, disseminated, accessed, consumed and monetized, changing the value propositions which prevailed in the analogue era.
Take into account the new context such as health or environmental concerns and integrate innovative (digital) ways of producing and disseminating content.
Promote a fair, inclusive and diverse environment for creators, looking particularly at effective ways to tackle the gender gap and fight discrimination. From this perspective, promoting equal opportunities, better working conditions and fair remuneration will be a strategic feature of proposed projects".

The projects we undertake can be financed with sponsorship operations, grants, sales of goods, and consulting services.



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